NYC (New York City) School Holidays Calendar 2019 – 20

NYC School Holidays: NYC is the abbreviation of the New York City which is the major city of the United States and is also the leading city which has the prominent schools and other educational institutions. This is probably the reason why majority of the aspirants want to carry their studies from the New York City.

You can find the plenty of the schools in the city which offer the decent standard of the elementary and the primary or secondary higher education to the aspirants.There are all kinds of the schools in the New York which are owned by the government and those which are privately owned.

Schools Holidays 2019 NYC



So, if you are looking forward to get your kids admitted in the NYC school then you are going to need the NYC school calendar in this regard. As we know that currently year 2019-20 is in the operation and thus we are going to provide you with the NYC school calendar for the same year.

This NYC School calendar for the year 2019-20 includes the full schedule of the holiday and the term dates for the same year. It will help your kids to easily know their school schedule, so that they can accordingly manage their other tasks.

NYC Term Date 2019- 20

The term dates for the NYC school is basically the studying schedule of the schools during which the study is kept resume by the schools. In other words the term date is the period when the NYC schools are available in their studying operations to the students. All the students are required to attend their classes during this period in their respective schools.

The term date season of any school can be basically divided into the several seasons such as summer,winter,autumn and the winter season.

Here below we are listing down the term dates of NYC for the year 2019-20 for your consideration.

  • Summer Term Dates & Holiday Breaks
  • Term Dates- Saturday 23rd April 2019 TO Sunday 24th May 2019
  • Term Dates II- Monday 3rd June 2019 TO Friday 19th July 2019
  • Summer Holiday- Saturday 20th July 2019 TO Tuesday 3rd September 2019
  • Autumn Term  Dates & Holiday Breaks
  • Term Date- Saturday 4th September 2019 TO Friday 18th October 2019
  • Term Date II- Tuesday 29th October 2019 TO Thursday 19th December 2019
  • Holiday Dates- 20th December 2019 TO Sunday 5th January 2020
  • Spring Term Dates & Holiday Breaks
  • Term Date- Friday 14th February 2020 TO Sunday 23rd February 2020
  • Easter Holidays- Friday 3rd April 2020 TO Sunday 19th April 2020
  • Summer Term Dates & Holiday Breaks
  • Term Date- Saturday 23rd May 2020 TO Sunday 31st Mar 2020
  • Summer Holidays- Wednesday 22nd July 2020 TO Thursday 3rd September 2020.

This is the complete term dates and the holiday schedule of the NYC Schools for the year 2019 & 20 which is applicable for all the public schools of the region and should be followed accordingly.

NYC Schools Holidays Calendar 2019- 20

Well, just like the term date the holiday schedule of the NYC school is the other aspect which should be known by the students, who are studying under this school. We know that holiday is the integral part of the school which is bound to be assimilated in the schedule of the holidays.



It includes the festivals and the other federal holidays and here below we are providing them all below for your consideration.

  • Labour Day- September 2
  • Rosh Hashanah- September 30
  • Yom Kippur- October 9
  • Columbus Day- October 14
  • Thanksgiving Day- November 28
  • Martin Luther King Jr- January 20
  • Passover- April 9
  • Good Friday- April 10
  • Easter- April 12
  • Memorial Day- May 25
  • Closing Day- June 8

So, this is the complete holidays schedule for the NYC school, which should be kept into consideration by the parents of the kids who are studying into the school.

We urge all the parents to bookmark this page or have the printable calendar version of this NYC school holidays, so that you can have an easy reference of if at the time of requirement.

If you are looking forward for any other information about the NYC school calendar then just feel free to approach us.

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