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Blank February 2023 Calendar Printable Template PDF Excel

If you want the complete schedule of all those days and want to plan your day accordingly, then we urge you to count on the February 2023 calendar. You can get the template of this calendar from our article without making many efforts in this regard.

February 2023 Calendar Printable

February is the second and the shortest month of the year which is compromised either of the 29 days in the leap year or the 28 days in the normal year. The month holds the status of the winter month in the Gregorian and the Julian calendars and is the month when people are busy planning their year’s routine.


February 2020 Calendar


February is the month when people make their resolutions for the month and also take action on them. This is when people resort to the calendar since this is a significant time management tool that can be used by people to plan their whole February schedule.

The month of February can be short in comparison to the other days, but it is compromised of some important days which need to be planned accordingly by every one of us.

The month consisted of Valentine’s week which is very significant for the youth and the love birds and we urge you to make advance special planning for it. Other than it the month is comprised of many other days such as president’s day and other observances, which can be planned in the best way using the 2023 calendar template.

Blank February 2023 Calendar Printable

A printable February calendar is always the best option for busy people, who don’t have time to design their calendars. They can prefer having the printable calendar and then managing their whole work schedule for February month.

We are having several kinds of printable calendars for February including the floral calendar. The floral calendar can be a decent choice for people who are looking for a printable calendar with a stylish look.

We are attaching the free printable February 2023 floral calendar with holidays, which will help you to plan your February holidays in the best manner.

There are many colors of the February floral calendars and the best part is that you can have this calendar in your desired color option as well. You can have this calendar both in vertical and horizontal shapes.

The calendar can serve the customization purpose as well for yourself, as it is a fully blank calendar hence you can customize it as per your preference. You can also opt to have this calendar in various shades such as relaxing and calming shades or energizing shades as well.

February 2023 Calendar


February 2023 Calendar Printable


Here in our article, you can find several formats of the February 2019 calendar’s template and the best part is that it is available without any watermark. If you visit the other websites then you will often find the watermark on the free calendars, but we don’t mark any kind of watermark on our calendar. You can get the February calendar in PDF and JPEG printable format as well.

February in the United States

February is recognized as the second month in both the Gregorian and the Julian calendars.

Here below we are providing you with the main highlights of this month.

  • February is the shortest month of the year as it holds just 28 days in the normal year and 29 days in the leap year.
  • February may become the coldest month of the year in the United States since the majority of the states may be having a 0-degree temperature.
  • The month of February was missing in the earlier followed Roman calendar.
  • The name of the February month has been originated from the word “Februum” it means purification as in this month there used to be conducting several cleansing or purification ceremonies.
  • People who believe in astrology or the horoscope may know that the Amethyst is the birthstone for the people who are born in this month and the iris is the birth flower.
  • You may be wondering knowing that February is the only month that passes without the day of the full moon.

Further in the United States, the month of February is a very cold and dull month due to the excess winter.

February 2023 Blank Calendar


Free February 2020 Calendar


People tend to enjoy this month’s stay in their homes and indoor activities, but on the other hand, this may be the month when people are involved in planning their year. There are some other festivals or observances which fall in February and here below we are providing them to you.

  • President’s Day
  • National Drink Day
  • World’s Cancer Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • World Day of Social Justice
  • National Science Day
  • National Productivity Day
  • President’s Day
    Date- 17 February 2023

President’s Day in the United States is celebrated as the birthday of the first United States president George Washington.

February 2023 Printable Calendar

He was born basically on the 22nd of February but his birthday and president’s day is celebrated on the third Monday of February. It is known as Washington’s birthday and is celebrated as a federal holiday in the entire country.

  • World’s Cancer Day
    Date- 4 February 2023

February 4 is celebrated as the world’s cancer day and this day is marked on the whole world’s calendar specifically to make people aware of cancer.


February 2020 Calendar With Holiday


The purpose behind this day is to first make people aware of cancer and then prevent the happening of this deadly disease. This day is observed by the UN members and is accordingly acknowledged across the world.

  • World’s Day of Social Justice
    Date- 20 February 2023

February 20 is celebrated as the international day of social justice. This day celebrates the basic principle of social justice and peace within the nations. This day has been acknowledged by UN members and promotes gender equality across the world.

These were some of the major days as are observed or celebrated in the United States and there are many more such days that prevail in February month.

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