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NZ Public Holidays 2023 | NZ Holidays 2023

An NZ Public Holidays 2023 is a day of leisure and recreation which are part of every country in the world and we all get these days in our respective lives. These days are specially assigned in the workplace to all the working people so that they can get a specific off day from their work and can invest it in some non-working activities. 

Holidays can be divided into several types as some of them take place many times in a given year while the others take place just only once in the year. For instance, if we talk about the weekend then these are the holidays that take place every week and are the major holidays in the workplace.

NZ Public Holidays 2023

There are many other kinds of holidays other than weekends and all the holidays have their significance depending upon the nature of the holidays. We all plan our lives by the holidays both in terms of personal and professional contexts and this is why holidays are always important irrespective of their nature. 

NZ 2023 Holiday Calendar


The public holidays in New Zealand are the holidays that are recognized and celebrated at the central level and not at the local level. These holidays are approved and acknowledged by the government and the constitution of New Zealand and marked by the whole nation. 

The public holidays in New Zealand are the events that represent the important historical events of the country which had happened in the history of the country. Public holidays may also take place in the form of cultural events such as festivals etc which depict the culture of the country and its characteristics as well.

Public Holiday in NZ

Public holidays are very closely connected to the economy of every country as these days cause the economy to shut down. The majority of the public and government-owned organizations in New Zealand remain out of service and thus every individual in the country need to know about the public holidays so that they can plan their schedule accordingly. 


NZ 2023 Public Holiday Calendar PDF

Public holidays in Newzealand are also known by the name of National holidays since these holidays concern the whole Nation in itself and are celebrated together by the people. 

Significance of Public Holidays in NZ

For example, if there is any National event in the form of a public holiday then the event would be recognized by the central government of the country and several celebrations would be held at the central level adjoining the whole people of the country.

So, if you are looking for the complete schedule of the New Zealand public holidays for the year 2023 then you are reading the correct article.

Public Holiday in NZ PDF 

NZ 2023 Public Holiday Calendar

Here below you can check out the complete public holiday list of New Zealand for the year 2023, which would help you in following your personal and professional schedule for the year very easily.

Date of Holiday Name of Holiday
January 1 New Year
January 2 Day After New Year’s Day
February 6 Waitangi Day
April 10 Good Friday
April 13 Easter Monday
April 25 ANZAC Day
June 1 Queen’s Birthday
October 26 Labour Day
December 25 Christmas Day
December 26 Boxing Day

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