Blank July 2019 Calendar Printable in PDF, Word, Excel

Here in this article, we are also going to keep our discussion limited to the July 2019 calendar, since that is the only source or the tool which can help you in the related purpose of yours.

July 2019 Printable Calendar

July 2019 Blank Calendar

July which is the seventh and the middle month of the year both in the Gregorian and the Julian calendars. This month has the length of 31 days and is the second month of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, while the second month of winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

July 2019 Calendar Printable

If we talk about the root of this month then the month has been named after the world’s famous senator of the Roman era, whose name was Julius Caesar. July used to be the fifth month of the year earlier, when there were no January and February months included in the earlier followed Roman calendar and due to that, it used to be known as the “Quintilis” which means number five.

July Calendar 2019 Template

We can presume it since you are reading this article that you are here with the intention of planning your month of July in a decent manner with your full schedule.

July is a very significant month for the varieties of the reasons as this is the month, when the kids are busy in enjoying their offseason of the schools, however, at some places the schools get open in July.

2019 July Calendar PDF

There come many other events and the holidays in July which should be planned well by every one of us. July 2019 calendar’s template can help the users in mapping their schedule of July’s month in a relevant manner.

Printable calendar is the best and the appropriate calendar of the modern generation where the internet is ruling everything. July calendar is easy to get in the printable format from the internet, which will save your time of designing your own July 2019 calendar’s template.

July Calendar 2019 Word

The best part of the blank calendar is that it can be transformed or given shape as per the desire of the users, and thus you can make a very much personalized July calendar of yours using the blank calendar.

This is not all we are having the floral calendar as well, for our those users who want to have the different taste of the calendar.

We have designed the July 2019 floral calendar in the vertical and the horizontal frames with a view to providing our users with the two options. Free printable July 2019 calendar with holidays is also available to provide you with the full information about the holidays falling in this July month.

July in the United States

July 2019 Holidays Calendar

Well, as we have said that July is the second month of summer in the United States and in all the regions of the Northern Hemisphere. The month witnesses the hot temperature of summer, and due to that, you can mark the July as the warmest month of the year for the majority of the regions in the Northern Hemisphere.

You can enjoy your time around the beaches and in the swimming as well. Here are some facts which are associated with the month of July.

  • July witnesses the extreme hot in the Northern Hemisphere and is also the month when the monsoon arrives but there are the parts in the world which face the severe drought in this month.
  • People who believe in the horoscope can consider Ruby as their birthstone of the July month.
  • Larkspur is the month flower for the people who are born in July and it has various colours origins.
  • 3rd July is the date which falls as the middle or the centre part of the year.
  • It may be an inauspicious fact to be talked about but the majority of the United State’s people are deceased in the month of July.
  • The first ever atom bomb of the world was also tested in the month of July.

Holidays and the Other Observances in July

2019 July Calendar With Holidays

If you want to mark some other holidays or the observances of July month, then here we are listing some major of them.

  • American Independence Day
  • World’s Population Day
  • International Justice Day
  • World Tiger Day
  • World Hepatitis Day
  • United States Postage Stamp Day
  • American Independence Day
    Date- 4th July Each Year

4th July is celebrated as the federal holiday in the United States since this day has been acknowledged as the day when the United States independence was declared. On this day the thirteen American colonies got the freedom from the Monarch of Britain and this day is celebrated by the whole United States.

  • World’s Population Day
    Date- 11 July 2019

The world’s population day falls on the 11 July each year and this day is recognised by the UN council as a day which aims to spread the awareness about the world’s population issue. There are various campaigns and the other programs held for promoting family planning worldwide.

  • International Justice Day
    Date- 17 July Each Year

2019 July Calendar Excel

International justice day is celebrated on 17 July each year and the day is dedicated to promote and recognise the emerging system of international criminal justice across the world. Every year on this day certain events are held to celebrate the celebrate the emergence of the international criminal justice law system.

We have discussed above some of the major events falling in July and there are much more than you can discover in this month. This is why you need to plan this of your month by the July 2019 calendar printable and we have already provided you with that in the above section of the article.

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