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A holiday is the period of leisure which we get in the form of various kinds of Canada Public Holiday Calendar 2020 holidays. This particular period of leisure grants us with the break, which we can invest in the activities of recreation and fun as per the requirement of ours. 

There may be several kinds of holidays in any particular year and the most recurring nature of the holiday is known as the weekends. Yes the majority of us get the Sunday as our holiday, which is the commercial kind of holiday granted by the multinational employment companies and other government agencies.

Canada 2020 Holiday Calendar

The commercial holidays such as the weekends are the holidays, which are set aside by the law of the country to grant the whole economy a break from the routine course of work. This is the reason why the majority of the working organization suspend their regular course of work or the business during the weekends such as Sunday.

Public Holiday in Canada 

The public holidays are the most prominent holidays in the economy of any country, as these holidays influence and affect the economy more than any other holidays. In Canada, the public holidays are the ones which are announced and acknowledged by the constitution or the central laws of the country and are governed on the central level of the country. 

Public holidays in Canada can be basically of two types either they may represent the happening of any important historical event in the history of Canada or they may represent the cultural characteristics of the country.

Canada 2020 Holiday Calendar


Public holidays are assigned their day just to represent the events, which have a special place in the constitution of the country and these holidays may or may not take place on the fixed date. 

Generally, the historical events which had taken place in the history of Canada are celebrated in the form of public holidays and they have the fixed day. On the other hand, the public holidays which represent the cultural events of Canada may vary each year in the context of their dates and you can check out the complete schedule of dates at the Wikipedia page of Canada.

Significance of Public Holidays in Canada

The significance of the public holidays in Canada is always very high, as these holidays have their impact on the entire economy of the country. Normally all the public and the government working institutions remain off during the public holidays such as Banks, schools, other public institutions, etc.

For example, the Remembrance Day is a public holiday in Canada which takes place on the 11th of November each year and this day is dedicated to the soldiers, who died in the war for their country.

Canada 2020 Public Holiday Calendar

It is a very important historical event in the notebook of Canada and due to that, it is celebrated as the public holiday each year by the whole nation. It is just one of the many public holidays for Canada there may be many others, which we will provide you below in our article.

Here below we are going to list down the names of all the major public holidays of Canada for the year 2020. We urge you to take note of these holidays and then celebrate them in your own way.

Canada 2020 Public Holiday Calendar


Date of Holiday Name of Holiday
January  1New Year’s Day
February 17 Islander Day Louis Riel/Heritage Day/Family Day
February 14Valentine’s Day
February 29Leap Day
March 17St. Patrick’s Day
April 10Good Friday
April 13Easter Monday
May 10Mother’s Day
May 18Victoria Day
June 21Father’s Day
June 24Baptiste Day
July 1Canada Day
August 3Civic Holiday
September 7Labour Day
October 12Thanksgiving Day
October 31Halloween
November 11Remembrance Day
December 25Christmas Day
December 26Boxing Day

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