Free Blank January 2020 Calendar Printable in PDF, Word, Excel

January 2020 Calendar: The month which is considered as industrious is the month of January. All sorts of targets and all sorts of plans are usually made in this month for the respective year. It is the month of January when you seriously need to start working on things like weight losing or be it wanting to save more money or either completing an incomplete task. What actually happens is, we all do need a list of planning in order to get rid of all these tasks by completing it. Also, a huge amount of adjustments are to be made for such. The one thing which will for sure help you to achieve your goal is the calendar of the year 2019 for the month of January.

Free Blank January 2020 Calendar Template

january 2020 Calendar


One of the tools which is the simplest among all is the one which will for sure help anybody in the task of planning and also in the task of scheduling the respective month of themselves. The rate of productivity and also the rate of efficiency is being increased by the help of this tool. In the process of accomplishing the goals of one, these respective virtues are always needed.  In order to kick off the year which is ahead or the year which is approaching, this template of the calendar is hence essential.

2020 January Calendar Printable

January 2020 Calendar


There are many choices which can be taken as the perfect ones for you. There are formats that use floral prints in the respective calendars and in the orientation of horizontal. In this site that respective template of Calendar for this year which is with floral prints is being available. Coming to the background of the paper whose texture is way too good and also coming to the elements which are hand printed and that too in floral has its own essence.

January 2020 Calendar


All these beautiful textures and shapes will for sure give a feeling of amazement for the coming month which is near. There are formats in which such templates are definitely present in their printable forms which do include the PDF from too and also the JPEG form too. For the year 2020, there are designs that vary from one design to another and also the level of orientation also depends on the vertical level or the horizontal level. In a variety of colors, they are also being available and also vary from colors which are bold and also which are energizing too such as from red color to supposedly calm type of color. The color which is a  blue shade and is known as the relaxing part of it is also being included in that. Also, there are various choices of colors which can be further created by you too.

January 2020 Printable Calendar with Holidays

January 2020 Printable Calendar


There are a number of templates as such which also do include photo templates and also the templates of the theme. In the case of the templates which does include photos: one can go for adding the photos of the ones who are loved or for some photo which includes things like the scenery of some nature or as such which is being considered beautiful.  Also various images like an image which does motivate you can also be added in order to boost you up or enlighten you whenever you are low or something like that. The rest available ones are the ones which are of the themed templates. 

January 2020 Calendar


A number of templates which include themes are of themes of the new year or the rain forest or any such other themes. In order to look forward to tasks like scheduling and all so that it becomes very easy for you to cope up with the respective month, there are also templates being available for this and also formats of the same are also being available. All such templates of such calendars do come in such a time when all the sections of all the months are quite busy. For all these, there is also the planner which does include the week planner, does include the hour planner and so the month planner too. In the way to schedule the tasks the planner which includes the month, day and week does break your different elements of tasks and hence plan it as per the plan or the task.

In the respective site itself, on the top hand corner of the site, the button for print is being available which is quite an easy task to reach out. In the template of the calendars, all kinds of dates that are important are also being marked. Important dates like the day of the new year, on the day of the Christmas-eve or the martin luther kind’s day and many such days which are being considered as the ones of importance, are being marked too.

January 2020 Printable Calendar


For the free version to be downloaded by the people, such calendars and their templates of the same are being updated so that everybody can access them without any sort of failure or anything as such. In all the required formats, the templates of such calendars are being updated and also in the formats of the PDF and the JPEG formats which are printable, they are being present.


In the calendar of the Gregorian, the month which is taken as the one in the position of first is this respective month which is called as the January Month. There are quite a number of history regarding this specific month which is being considered as interesting.  Regarding this month, there are some facts which are again considered as fun.

January 2020 Calendar


  1. Due to the reason that it is the first month of the respective year and as it is being considered as a door to the coming year, it is hence named after the god who is of Roman and also who is the door-God whose name is Janus.
  2. In ancient times, there was this calendar named as the Roman calendar in which the name of January is not being listed. At that point of time, the beginning of the year did depict in the month of March.
  3. In the time when it was about 700 B.C, at that time, the month of January has been added by the king Pompilus.
  4. At the days of the initial, the month of January had only thirty days in number. The one who did add the last day to the 30 days in the month of January is Julius Caesar.
  5. Also, coming to the flower of the birth, it is being known as the Sundrop.

In the times of ancient, there have been no such activities as the month of January is the month of winter too due to which nobody could actually do any sort of activities over there. After such a long time too, it is still the same as before. Basically, this month is all about work and less play and activities. Also, rather than the new year celebration in the month of January, there are no more such events which can be organized.

As compared to the month of February, January resembled as the coldest month of the year. Coming to the temperature part, it does vary from the range 5 to the range 20 in various states. No such activities which include outdoor activities are not practiced because of such weather which is harsh. So, at times like this, what can be done is that one can go for watching tv as a time pass thing rather than engaging oneself into any sort of outdoor work.

January Calendar 2020 Word


Coming to most of the people who are Americans, the month January is not at all liked by them or not at all preferred by them as most of the work is being done at this month of the year which nobody likes as the season of holiday at this period does get over which is not a choice for most of them. They also do not prefer this month because at this particular period, all sorts of work needs to actually start and people do need to start working on their goals which are challenging. The calendar printable templates are the ones for which this month is actually called for.

New Year’s Day in the United States:

In the world, in almost every country, the 1st of January is being considered as an international holiday.  In order to celebrate and mark the starting of a year which is new, this day is being marked as the important one. This day is basically a holiday which is also a public holiday and also on this specific day all the various kinds of sectors are also closed for example, the school, the office or any such sectors.

January 2020 Calendar

This is also the end day for most of the Americans as after this day they got to go for their respective work, school and no more outings as the holiday season will be conducted, basically the end day to enjoy all the above-mentioned activities.  Also, it can be said that such a holiday is for the continuation of the celebration of the new year’s eve. In most of the parties and also in most of the gatherings, people are usually found at the times of the holidays in such places. The whole day is hence being followed by events like singing, music, dances and partying and events as such which is filled up with utter enjoyment. One of the most mesmerizing parts of the day of this day is the fireworks which is being done with great joy and happiness.

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My most of the people who are different, there are various activities which are being done by them such as most of the Christians do go for attending the church at the auspicious time of the new year while most of the people of different families go out to have a meal together now be it lunch or be it dinner as per their wish. Also, there are a bunch of people who do focus on their respective work so that they do not get diverted during the whole year so, they start their work on this day itself for a better tomorrow.

Another such event at this great day is the new year resolution which is being made by most of them. The new year resolution is all about making any sort of desired or making any sort of further changes in one’s life so that it becomes a better one in each and every aspect. During the whole month, this is the only single topic which is being discussed on a wider basis.

2020 January Calendar

Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States:

One of the basic holidays which is being noticed on Monday of the month of January and also on the Monday which is the third one, is hence, the day of Martin Luther King.  This day is actually being kept in consideration in order to pay tributes towards the contribution of martin Luther king towards the rights of American civil.

In the year of 1964, the enactment of the act of civil rights has been done by martin luther king, this enactment is considered as one of his greatest achievements. All sorts of discrimination which were based on race, color, secularism and nationalism have been outlawed by this brave king.  A lot of schools at today’s time do teach their students regarding the civil rights in societies like the civil rights societies which have been created in the school itself. Because of this specific achievement, he is also being awarded the noble peace prize and that too he was the youngest one to receive such a prize.

January Calendar 2020 Word

January Calendar 2020


January Calendar 2020

PDF Excel

Now, coming to the part of the conclusion, we conclude here by accepting the fact that January is the month of start which is definitely a very busy month among all the other such months. It does mark the start of a new chapter by forgetting all the worries behind and by keeping all sorts of problems in the past. Any problems or queries which one is facing will surely be clear if once you go through the templates of the month of January calendar for the year 2020.

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