Free Blank April 2020 Calendar Printable in PDF, Word, Excel

The template of this April 2020 calendar will help you to make the appropriate schedule of the month in a manner, that you can cover all the important events of this month in it so that you can easily refer the calendar to attend the relevant event or execute the relevant task.

Free April 2020 Printable Calendar

April is the fourth month of the year with the 30 days long. This month is acknowledged as the beginning month of the financial year across the major countries and is the first month of the year in the context of the budget.

April 2020 Printable Calendar

April is recognized as the second month of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, while in the Southern Hemisphere it is known as the autumn season. In the United States, this month is celebrated as the month with the perfect jovial weather of spring with the balanced temperature for routing purposes.

April 2020 Blank Calendar

April 2020 Blank Calendar

There are many such other special days and the observances come across the month of April. If you are looking forward to making this month of April as the most productive one then we urge you to use the April calendar’s template.

April 2020 Calendar Printable

We have designed the April calendar’s templates with a view to helping our users who are very busy and don’t have enough time to plan their day in the correct manner.

April 2020 Calendar


This template of the calendar will help them in saving their time, and will also help to keep the things always on the reminder mode so that you never miss on anything which is coming across in the month of April.

There is the other kind of March printable calendar’s template, which is known as the floral calendar and this is suitable to the people who are fed up of the tedious outlook of the traditional calendar.

Free April Calendar 2020 Template

April 2020 Calendar


The free printable April floral calendar comes with a very stylish structure in the horizontal and the vertical shapes. You can also get it in several color options as per your preference.

If you are wondering as to what are the formats in which this blank April calendar is available then we must tell you that it is available in several formats, such as the JPEG printable format and the PDF format as well. You can get it in the different time frames as well such as the weekly or the daily printable April 2020 calendar.

April in the United States
April is recognized as a very fresh and soothing month in the United States, as people generally prefer spending their time near the beaches. This is a very calm month with the fresh spring air and the balanced weather which makes it a very relaxing month. Here below are the major highlights of April month.

April 2020 Excel Calendar

2020 April Calendar Excel


  • April is known as the month of planting the greenery and is also the month of cleansing the environment and the households.
  • The famous marathon of Boston (US) takes place in this month itself.
  • The fiscal year of the country also starts from the month of April.
  • The month of April has been originated from the Latin word “Aprillis” which means to begin as the month begins the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • People who are born in April are either Taurus or Aries.
  • April is the month which holds the largest number of awareness days for example cancer, pets, mathematics and other such awareness days.
  • Sweet pea and the daisy are the two flowers for the people who are born in the month of April.
  • Diamond is the birthstone for the people who are born in this month.

2020 April Calendar with Notes

April 2020 Calendar


April 2020 Holidays Calendar

These were some major facts which are with the month of February, and further, there are some special days and observances which also fall in the same month. We urge you to go through them so that you can mark them in the printable calendar of April, and don’t miss any of the important events. Here below we are listing some major days from them.

  • April’s Fool Day
  • National Beer Day
  • Patriot’s Day
  • World Art’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Earth Day
  • World’s Penguin Day
  • Greenery Day
  • National Honesty Day
  • April’s Fool Day
    Date- 1st April 2020

Well, this is one of the most jovial days which is popularly celebrated across the European and the Western cultures. This is basically playing a prank or cracking the joke day, where people make fun of each other by their activities or the joke.

April Calendar 2020 for Students

April 2020 Calendar


The person on which the prank or the joke is cracked is called the victim and is embarrassed by shouting the April’s fool. You can enjoy this day with your friends or colleagues at work in any environment.

  • Earth Day
    Date- 22nd April 2020

This is the one other very significant observance which falls on the 22nd April each year. As the name suggests the national earth day is the day on which the national campaign for earth protection is conducted across the world and in the United States as well.

The purpose of this event is to make the people aware of the protection of the earth’s environment so that people can minimize the harmful activities which are causing damage to our earth. This day is acknowledged by the UN members and thus celebrated across the whole world. World’s Penguin Day
Date- 25 April.

Penguin is a bird category species which is found at the bank of the oceans and the beaches and is limited to that place only. All the penguins of the world are found in the Southern Hemisphere and it is one of those species, which is getting diminished gradually.

April 2020 Calendar


This is why the April 25 is celebrated as the world’s day of penguin, so that people can be made aware of this gorgeous special and this species can be protected further.

There are many such significant events that fall in the month of April and April calendar printable is the best tool, which can assist you in making the schedule for all these events.

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