About Us

In today’s technology-driven world, calendars have evolved and are an important tool for planning and organizing our activities. So this site is all about DIY calendars in monthly formats in PDF, Excel and Word templates. Almost all of us are familiar with the printable calendars which are easily available on the internet in different formats and designs. These calendars are better than the traditional calendars, since you can choose a convenient format of the calendar such as monthly, two-months, three-months, yearly formats. Hence these allow you to create a desirable schedule as you want and keep track of your goals throughout the year.

The advantage of DIY calendars is that these are available in monthly formats and have blank spaces for marking any important events or taking down any notes. So these can be downloaded and printed and customised to create schedule for home, school, office, etc. We have provided these templates in PDF and Word formats so you can choose any format according to your requirements. These multi-purpose calendars have various uses, for example, these can be used to create office schedules, client meeting schedules, to-do lists, study schedule, etc. So you can plan beforehand for the month and implement your activities according to a planned schedule.