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When we talk about the word Zurich Public Holidays then we get the clear image of the days, which are the days of leisure and are meant to be celebrated in terms of the activities such as recreation. Holidays are always important for all of us since they grant us the day off from our regular working schedule which can be devoted to the non-working activities. 

There may be several types of holidays and each holiday is important in itself due to its distinguished relevance. This is the reason why each and every holiday implies something in itself. 

Zurich 2020 Holiday Calendar

For instance, we all are aware of the general holidays of weekend’s as these are the holidays which take place almost in every other country by the end of the week. Weekends are the days which grant us the day off from our respective workplace every week so that this day can be attributed to the other activities of life other than the usual work. 

Zurich 2020 Holiday Calendar


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Weekends are the days which are generally recognized as the non-working days in the context of working place and due to that these holidays are also known by the name of commercial holidays. 

Public Holiday in Zurich

We know that Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and is also known as the heart of the country since all the major activities of the country are conducted from the same city. Being the prominent city it follows its own working schedule for all kinds of the working domains and thus you need to have the separate holiday schedule for Zurich.

Public Holiday in Zurich


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The public holidays in the Zurich are the holidays other than the weekends as the weekend’s take place every week, but the public holidays generally take place just once in a year. These holidays are announced by the law of Zurich’s (Switzerland)Government in its constitution.

All the public holidays in Zurich are the non-working days which means that all the public/government domain working institutions remain shut during these days.

Significance of Public Holidays in Zurich

So, if you want to execute any of the public or the government sector task then you will have to be at a halt on these days. 

Public holidays in Zurich may basically be of two types either they may are associated with the historical event of the country or the Zurich city or they may are associated with the culture of the region. Such historical events of the cultural practices are given the status of the public holidays so that they can be remembered each year by the masses of the people in Zurich each year.

The public holidays are always significant to be it the Zurich or any other region since these days bring some very important belongings with them which are meant to be celebrated by the whole nation together. 

The public holidays are also known as the National holidays since these holidays concern the whole citizens of the Zurich. 

Moreover, you must be having information about public holidays since these holidays are going to affect your working schedule.

Zurich 2020 Public Holiday Calendar

You will be expected to manage your entire schedule subject to the fallings of the public holidays if you are living in Zurich and contribute your part in the public festivals of the region. 

So, if you are seeking for the proper & full-fledged schedule of public holiday in Zurich, then here below you can check out the full list for the same for your consideration

January 1 New Year’s Day
January 2Saint Berchtold Day
January 17Hilari
January 18Hilari
February 14 Valentine’s Day
March 2Carnival Monday
March 29DST Start
April 5Palm Sunday
April 10Good Friday
April  12Easter
April 13Easter Monday
April 20Sechselauten
April 28Georgsmarkt
May 1Labour Day
May 10Mother’s Day
May 21Ascension Day
May 31Whitsun
June 1Whit Monday
June 7Father’s Day 
June 11Corpus Christi
June 22Kermesse Horgen
August 1Swiss National Holiday
August 24KirmseWadenswil
September 14Knabenschiessen
September 20Federal Payday
October 25DST END
October 31Halloween/Reformation Day
November 1All Saint’s Day
November 2Reformation Day
November 12All Soul’s Day
November 22Herbsmarkts
November 26Ewigkeitssonntag
November 27Ustermart
November 27Ustermart
November 29First Advent
December 6Saint Nicholas Day/Second Advent
December 13Third advent
December 20Fourth Advent
December 24Christmas Eve
December 25Christmas Off
December 26St. Stephen Day
December 31New Year’s Eve

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