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Iranian Public Holidays 2020 | Iranian Holidays 2020

Iran follows three official Iranian Public Holidays calendar systems, including the Solar Hijri calendar as the central and social calendar, the Gregorian calendar for international stories and Christian holidays, and the Islamic calendar for Islamic holidays.

Iranian 2020 Holiday Calendar

The remainder of public holidays has been a subject of interest for almost 30 years. A large number of unofficial holidays are added each year to the national holidays that additional increase the situation.

Iranian 2020 Holiday Calendar


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Iran holidays serve to center about the Muslim religion, with the largest celebrating a holiday or occasion. Festivals differ greatly by region due to Iran’s multi-ethnic make-up. Guests should note that when watching or participating in any spiritual event, a conservative dress is a must and women may want to cover their peaks. Ask your travel guide or hotel what rules need to be followed so as not to hurt anyone.

Day of Ashoura

Public Holiday in Iranian

Taking position in February every year, the Ashoura Festival celebrates the martyrdom of Husayn in Ali, the grandson of Muhammad. This is a moment for Shi’a Muslims to show their commitment. The experience includes self-mutilation and flagellation, such as cutting sections of the body, which are viewed as barbaric by some.

Public Holiday in Iranian


2020 Iranian Holiday Calendar


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Leilat al Mi’raj

A great day for Muslims in February or March is recognized for when the Prophet Muhammad ascended to bliss. It is one of the most important days on the Islamic calendar and celebrated with night prayers and decorated buildings.


Significance of Public Holidays in Iranian

Nowruz, the celebration of Iranian New Year, begins on March 20 and is considered the several important holidays in Iran. Festivities take place over 12 days and normally involve the cleaning of homes, giving gifts and the visiting of relative’s homes. There are regional differences, with the Kurds celebrating using fire.

Tehran International Puppet Theater Festival

This Iranian festival takes place separately two years and draws leading puppeteers from all over the world to Tehran. Dating back to 1989, members have included acts from Germany, Canada, Austria, and England. Although competition dates vary, it usually takes place in June.

Tehran Book Fair

Iranian 2020 Public Holiday Calendar

The Tehran Book Fair is one of the best publishing events in the region. It takes place yearly in May or June and attracts roughly five million guests and thousands of domestic and international publishers. It is one of the pre-eminent book events in the Middle East and Asia and usually stays in the Grand Prayer Grounds in Tehran, a special venue for visitors to pick up excellent and out-of-print literature.

Tehran International Short Film Festival

The Tehran International Short Film Festival has been taking place yearly in October or November since 1983. It is an excellent opportunity to see modern Iranian artistic talent. Movies are selected at different venues in Tehran, usually in the Mellat Cinema Complex.

Yalda Festival (Shab e Cheleh)

Celebrated on the greatest night of the year which generally falls somewhere in the middle of December, this festival marks the downfall of evil. Iranians will eat melon, which is believed to ward off sickness and guests will find many restaurants serving dishes that include the fruit.

Festival of Fire

You can take place annually on the last Wednesday of December, the Festival of Fire sees blazes sprouting up in several public areas and parks. Characters jump over the burning cinders and shout, “Give me your red color and take back sickly pallor,” which is a purification custom. Many Iranians assume their ancestors’ spirits bother during the last few days of the year.

29 Jan   Martyrdom of Fatima

11 Feb   Revolution Day

8 Mar    Birthday of Imam Ali

22 Mar   Prophet’s Ascension

9 Apr    Imam Mahdi’s birthday

14 May   Martyrdom of Imam Ali

24 May   Eid-e-Fetr (End of Ramadan)

25 May   Eid-e-Fetr (Additional Holiday)

17 Jun   Martyrdom of Imam Sadeq

31 Jul   Eid-e-Ghorban (Feast of Sacrifice)

8 Aug    Eid-e-Ghadir

28  Aug Tassoua

29 Aug   Ashura

8 Oct    Arbaeen

17 Oct   Martyrdom of Imam Reza

25 Oct   Martyrdom of Imam Hasan al-Askari

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