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France Public Holidays 2020 Calendar | France Holidays 2020

Holidays are something that we all wait for since they bring us the precious time of some recreation and leisure. There are many kinds of holidays which are acknowledged and celebrated in the economy of almost every country. 

There is plenty of holidays which take place in a concerned year and each holiday has its own characteristic and the impact. For example weekend’s are also the one form of the holidays which take place at the end of every week and are the recurring nature of the holidays. 

France 2020 Holiday Calendar

The weekend’s holidays are generally recognized and have an impact on the workplace of several organization.

France 2020 Holiday Calendar


For instance, during the Sunday which is the day of weekends, the majority of the government and the public sector organizations remain off during this particular day and it has also been given the status of the public holiday in the majority of the countries. 

Public Holidays in France

Well, the weekend’s holidays are the ones which are primarily known as the commercial holidays, since these days grant the regular off to the working people at their workplace. If we talk about public holidays then these holidays are entirely different from the weekend’s holidays. 

Public holidays in France are those holidays which are acknowledged by the law and the constitution of France. These holidays are also known as the National holidays as these holidays are often associated with the historical event of any country and that historical event is recalled in the form of these holidays. 

For instance in France Bastille Day is acknowledged as the public holiday which recalls the important event in the history of France. On this given day the event storming of the Bastille is celebrated, which is one of the most revolutionary events in the history of France and this day is celebrated by the whole nation on the 14th of July each year. 

In a similar manner there may be many other public holidays in the form of events and festivals which take place in France throughout the year. The public holidays may or may not take place on the fixed day since some historical event-based public holidays generally take place on the fixed day, while the other public festivals holidays may take place at different dates.

Significance of the Public Holidays in France 

Well, just like any other country the public holidays in France also have high relevance. These holidays are also termed as the National holidays since they leave their impact on the whole working schedule of the country. 

All the government and the public domain organizations and the institutions keep their working schedule off during these days. This is what makes these holidays as the special ones,however, the small scale private domain organizations continue their working schedule even during the public holidays. 

Melbourne 2020 Public Holiday Calendar

Melbourne 2020 Public Holiday Calendar


These holidays are celebrated by the whole Nation of France together to come forward giving the tribute to the important events in the history of France.

We urge you to visit the Wikipedia page of France and from there you can get the complete list of the France public holidays to reckon and celebrate these holidays.

Here below we are adding the complete list of public holidays in France for the year 2020 so that you can have the direct access of them from our article itself.

Date of Holiday Name of Holiday
1st January 2020 Date of New Year
10 April 2020 Good Friday
13 April 2020 Easter Monday
1st May 2020 Labour Day
8 May 2020 Victory Day
21 May 2020 Ascension Day
31 May 2020 Whit Sunday
1 June 2020 Whit Monday
14 July 2020 Bastille Day
15 August 2020 Day of Assumption
1st November 2020 All Saint’s Day
11 November 2020 Armistice Day
25 December 2020 Christmas Day
26 December 2020 St, Stephen’s Day


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