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Free May 2020 Calendar Printable in PDF, Word, Excel

You can get the May 2020 calendar template in the weekly or the daily time frame and all the templates are available without any watermark on them. You can get them in the JPEG printable and the PDF format as well as per your requirements.

May 2020 Calendar Template

May is the fifth month of the year which is comprised of the 31 days. It is the official month of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the month of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. May used to be the second month of the year in the earlier followed a Roman ancient calendar, when there was no January and the February months.


May 2020 Calendar

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If we talk about the origin of this month then it has been originated from the Latin word “Maius” which is the name of Ancient Roman Goddess “Maia”. Goddess Maia is known as the symbol of fertility and similarly, the month of May is also known as the month of fertility.

May 2020 Printable Calendar Template

Well, when we talk about making the most of any month then we get to remember the name of the particular month’s calendar name. Further, if we talk about making the proper schedule of the month of May 2020 then in that context as well, we are going to need the May 2020 calendar which can help us in the accomplishment of our purpose.

May 2020 Calendar

May 2020 Blank Calendar

A blank calendar is something which can let you wrap you’re may month as per your own preference since it doesn’t come with the predetermined standard schedule of the May.

Blank May calendar will allow you to insert your personalised schedule on it so that you can miss out on the unnecessary schedule of May and can only access the one which is of your concern.

May 2020 Calendar

We are having the blank may calendar in the several designs and one of them is the floral calendar.

May 2020 Calendar With Holiday

A floral May 2020 calendar is different than the typical or the basic calendar since it has the floral structure on it. The floral structure may be suitable to those people who are looking for the attractive design of their May 2020 calendar.

May 2020 Calendar

We have provided the free printable May 2020 floral calendar with holidays to those people. It has both the vertical and the shapes of the horizontal design which may be chosen as per the requirements and the preference of the users.

If you are further seeking the May 2020 calendar in the different time formats such as the weekly or the daily time format, then we are having the provisions for such calendar as well.

May in the United States

May is the last month of the spring in the United States with the increase in the temperature but still, it’s the balanced temperature for the perfect outing. Here people tend to spend their morning on the beaches with the warm pleasant sunshine, or the sun bask on their bodies.

May 2020 Calendar Portrait Template

The sunshine hours tend to get gradually longer which provide enough time for the accomplishment of several things.

May 2020 Calendar


Here below we are attaching some other facts which are related to the month of May.

  • May is probably the only month in which there is no death of any United State’s president.
  • The majority of the United Kingdom’s prime ministers are born in the month of May which is more than any other month.
  • May is also considered as the month of the labours and the other working-class people.
  • Cannes film festival which is renowned across the world is also celebrated in the month of May.
  • Queen Victoria was also born in the month of May.
  • People who are born in the month of May have the Emerald as their birthstone.
  • It may be a hoax or the superstition to some people but the month of May is considered to be inauspicious for the marriage ceremony.

These are some of the major unknown facts about the month of May and there are some other holidays, and the events which fall in the same month.

Here below we are listing some major of them.

  • Worker’s Day
  • Press Freedom Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Asthma Day
  • International Day of Technology

There are not any major United States festivals which fall in the month of May, but there are many other significant events falling in this month.

  • Worker’s Day
    Date- 1st May

The first day of May’s month is celebrated as the international day of the labours and the other working employees. This day is dedicated to the labours for their contribution to the infrastructure of any country across the various countries in the world.

The day has been chosen by the labour union and the communist parties and you can enjoy at your workplace during this day.

  • International Day of Technology
    Date- 11th May 2020

This day is celebrated as the international day of technology to celebrate and appreciate the contribution of technology in the development of any nation. On this day several innovators are awarded and acknowledged for their contribution to the various useful technologies in the country.

The focus of the day is to promote the innovators and the entrepreneurs within the country, who can contribute to the future of the nation.

May 2020 Calendar Printable

There are many such other significant events which take place in the month of May and if you want to make an appropriate schedule for all those events then you can opt May 2020 calendar printable, whose template we have attached above in the article. You can easily print that and then use in the concerned purpose of yours.

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