UAE Public Holidays 2020 Calendar | UAE Holidays 2020

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A UAE Public Holidays is basically the day of leisure or the day which is set aside with a view to make it the day of leisure and fun recreational. This day of the holiday is generally decided by the custom or the traditional practice of a particular region, it may be either on the local scale or on the central scale. 

UAE Public Holidays 2020

Holidays are the part of every country’s economy in the world no matter how comprehensive or the small the country maybe it is bound to have several kinds of the holidays.

UAE Public Holidays 2020


For example, a weekend is the fixed holiday which is celebrated in the economy of every country and brings us the day off from our regular working schedule, such as the Saturday/Sunday.

There may be many other holidays other than the weekend’s which have their own type and the relevance for the people of the country. 

Generally, the holidays are acknowledged as the events or the symbols of some certain observations and there is no doubt that the holidays affect the whole economy of the country in many aspects. 

Public Holidays in UAE

The public holidays in UAE can be defined as the holidays, which are given the status of the public holidays by the central government of the country. 

The public holidays are not the local holidays thus they have nothing to do with the local customs or the traditions rather these holidays have their purview on the whole economy of the United Arab Emirates. 

Public Holidays in UAE


Public holidays have their special place in the constitution of UAE and thus these holidays are also known by the name of National holidays, as these are the holidays of Nation. Being the national holidays the public holidays represent or observe the certain event of the country this event either may be regarding the foundation of the country or it may be the cultural event such as any festival.

Public holidays in UAE may either take place on the fixed date or their dates may vary from the one year to the other. Generally the public holidays in terms of the festivals occur on the different dates each year,however, some other historical events based public holiday have their fixed dates. 

For instance the Arafat Day is the major public holiday festival of the country which takes place in the month of August,however, the date of this festival varies each year. 

In the similar manner Commemoration Day is the other public holiday of UAE, which is the day for the martyrs of the country and is celebrated on the 30th November of each year since it is the historical event based holiday.

Significance of Public Holiday in UAE

Just like any other country the public holidays in the UAE have the same significant relevance as these holidays are very special for the country. If you visit the UAE on the public holidays then you will find that the major public and the government institutions of the country suspend their working schedule on the public holidays including the educational institutions as well. 

This is the other reason that why people always tend to have the full information regarding the dates of public holidays in UAE and moreover the public holidays are celebrated by the whole Nation together as per the type of the public holiday. 

People celebrate their festivals with the utmost joy such as the Eid al fitar with their family and loved ones. If it is the festival which represents the foundation of the country then the government conducts the several kinds of marchs in which the general public take part and offer their tribute to the country. 

So, if you are seeking the full fledge schedule of UAE public holidays for the year 2020 then here below we are going to offer it below.

Date of Public HolidayName of Public Holiday
January 1New Year Day
May 24Eid Al fitr
May 25Eid Al Fitr Holiday
May 26Eid Al Fitr 
July 30Arafat Day
July 31Eid Al Adha
August 1Eid Al Adha Holiday
August 2Islamic New Year
August 20Commemoration Day
December 1UAE National Day
December 3National Day Holiday

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