Sri Lanka Public Holidays 2020 Calendar | Sri Lanka Holidays 2020

Holiday is something that we all know about,since we all have the holidays and we all live them in different parts of the world. No matter where you go you are bound to find the holiday schedule in the economy of each and every country and this is what makes us inclined about having enough information about them. 

If we define the holidays in the laymen language then it can be termed as the particular period, which is spent in the activities of leisure and recreation. For example we all have lived the weekend’s where the Sunday is the fixed day of holiday, when we get the regular break or the off from our regular working schedule. 

There are several types of the holidays other than the weekend’s that we get in a particular year. Each holiday has its own origination and the relevance and the holidays are celebrated accordingly on their respective dates

Public Holidays in Sri Lanka 

The public holidays in Sri Lanka are the ones which have their root from the law and the constitution of the country. In other words the public holidays in Sri Lanka are defined by the constitution of the country. 

If we talk about the root of the public holidays then such holidays are inspired from the national historical event of the country and that event is recalled in the form of public holidays.


For instance in Sri Lanka Independence Day is celebrated as the public holiday of the country on 4th February each year. It is a historical event in itself since during this day the country got its freedom and due to that reason it is also known as the National holiday. 

Significance of the Public Holidays in Sri Lanka 

Well, just like any other country the public holiday in Sri Lanka have very significant relevance. The public holidays bring the national holidays for the country and due to that reason the government and the public domain organisations of the country remain off such as the Banks,educational institutions,other government agencies etc. 

Public holidays of Sri Lank have their huge impact on the entire economy of the country. One should be having enough information about the public holidays of the country, since it’s going to affect the lives of every citizen of Sri Lanka.

So, if you are looking forward to have the complete schedule of Sri Lanka public holidays for the year 2019 then you are at the correct article.


Here below we are going to provide you with it.


Date of HolidaysName of Holidays
10 JanuaryDuruthu Full Moon Day
15 JanuaryPongal Day
4 FebruaryNational Day of Sri Lanka
8 FebruaryNavam Full Moon Day
21 FebruaryMahashivratri Day
9 MarchMadin Full Moon Day
7 AprilBak Full Moon Day
10 AprilGood Friday
13 AprilDay Prior to  Sinhala
14 AprilTamil New Year Day
1 MayMay Day
8 MayVesak Full Moon Day
24 MayId Ul Fitar
5 JunePoson Full Moon Day
4 JulyEsala Full Moon Day
31 JulyId Ul Alha
3 AugustNikini Full Moon Day
1 SeptemberBinara Fool Moon Day
1 OctoberVap Full Moon Day
29 OctoberMilad Un Nabi
30 OctoberAdhi Vap Fool Moon Day
14 NovemberDeepavali
29 November3rd Full Moon Day
25 DecemberChristmas Day
29 DecemberFool Moon Day of Poya

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