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South Africa School Holidays 2020 Calendar Template (SA)

In today’s busy life, it is normal that the need for using a South Africa 2020 School calendar may not appear to be important. In such a situation, these busy people may not find even a single minute to plan their daily activities. But, it is a well-known fact that the responsibilities of people increase with time.

South Africa School Holidays

South Africa School Holidays


They may have to perform so many tasks within one day or a month or a year. The question is how to go about it. Here, the use of a calendar emerges. At this point, if anyone is about to enter the month of October in the year 2020, then he or she should know the importance of owning a South Africa 2020 Calendar. The greatest secret of having such a calendar is that it will be possible to organize and plan the activities with minimal effort.

Printable South Africa Calendar 2020

Printable South Africa Calendar 2020


The 2020 school calendar:

Wednesday 1 January:              New Year’s Day

Monday 13 January:                  Teachers back at school

Wednesday 15 January:            Schools open for Term 1

Friday 20 March:                       Schools close

Saturday 21 March:                    Human Right’s Day

Tuesday 31 March:                     Schools open for Term 2

 10 April to 13 April:                   Easter weekend

Good Friday is the longest weekend of the year 2020 to Family Day, 10 to 13 April 2020. And it’s once again be followed by another 2 neat long weekends.

 27 April and  1 May:                  Freedom Day and Worker’s Day

Between Freedom Day on Monday and Worker’s Day on Friday, we’ll have a beautifully short week flanked by two long weekends. 

SA 2020 Public Holidays

SA 2020 Public Holidays


 12 June:                      Schools Close

 16 June:                      Youth Day

Within the winter school holidays, Youth Day falls, which always provides parents a free day to spend with their kids without taking a leave.

 7 July:                         Schools open for Term 3

 9 August:                   Women’s Day; 

10 August is a public holiday

 18 September:          Schools close

 24 September:         Heritage Day

 29 September:         Schools open for Term 4

2 December:              School’s out!

 4 December:             Teachers are released…

 16 December:           Day of Reconciliation

In December month of  2020, the schools will close early.

25 December:            Christmas Day

26 December:            Day of Goodwill

The school holidays 2020 at a glance:

December Holiday 2019/2020

Good news! The long December holiday is back. Schools close on 4 December 2019 and only open again 15 January 2020. The teachers start on 13 January.

March 2020 Holiday

Schools close on 20 March and reopen on 31 March. 

June/July 2020 Holiday

Schools close on 12 June and reopen on  7 July.

September 2020 Holiday

Schools close on 18 September and reopen on 29 September.

December 2020/2021 Holiday

The last day for teachers is on 4 December 2020.

South Africa School Calendar

Today, in the daily life of everyone or among all the business communities throughout the world, calendar plays as an important and effective tool. Calendars are available in the printed form, which can be purchased from a retail book store. It can also be stored in its digital form in devices, like smartphones, tablets or computers. Two different school calendars in South Africa is considering.

South Africa 2020 Calendar


Holidays during Xmas and New Year which is the longest holiday break is a mandatory holiday in every school. For visitors wishing to visit SA in summer, and who want to miss the holiday rush, then November to school closing or January, from the school opening date onward is perfect.

Public and School Holidays 2020

1 January:               New Year’s Day

21 March:                Human Rights Day

10 April:                  Good Friday

13 April:                  Family Day

27 April:                  Freedom Day

1 May:                      Workers’ Day

16 June:                   Youth Day

9 August:                 National Women’s Day

10 August:               Public Holiday

24 September:        Heritage Day

16 December:         Day of Reconciliation

25 December:         Christmas Day

26 December:         Day of Goodwill

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