2020 Collier County Public School Calendar

Most importantly let us first clear that what does the word Collier County School Calendar means. Collier word means a  person who is in the occupation or business of producing coal digging or mining or making charcoal. 

Collier County School Calendar

The calendars have touched every aspect of our lives and help us in looking at dates, festivals and much more. One can find all the dates and coming festival for holidays, which you can download. There can be different reasons for using the calendar.

Collier County School Calendar


Everybody must have heard about online calendars and printable calendars, there is no difference among both of them but there is a huge difference between a hardcopy and softcopy that is an online calendar. It is not possible to carry a hard copy everywhere or carry that calendar of around 12 large pages with you every time.

Don’t you think it sounds ridiculous, yes, of course, everyone will feel free if they have to carry that disturb with themselves instead of it, this will be much familiar easy and convenient to carry a single sheet of paper with you. That sheet of paper will take a small place CE weather in your pocket or wallet. So after looking over the demand and importance of online calendar we are here presenting the different templates with different designs for the calendars every month of the year 2020.

Collier Academic School Calendar

Calendar templates are used in several fields, to record important events and dates, for marking birthdays or anniversaries, for making time tables, and so on. The list just keeps ongoing. Using a calendar template is a very rational decision.

If any person wants a balanced lifestyle then using a calendar will bring that management in your life and you will notice the difference that doing work with a managed schedule is easier than doing tasks without any planning.

Key Dates Event
9/7/20 Labor Day
10/12/20 Columbus Day
10/31/20 Halloween
11/1/20 Daylight Saving Time Ends
11/11/20 Veteran’s Day
11/26/20 Thanksgiving
12/25/20 Christmas Day
1/1/21 New Year’s Day
1/18/21 Martin Luther King Day
2/14/21 Valentine’s Day
2/15/21 President’s Day
3/14/21 Daylight Saving Time Begins
3/17/21 St. Patrick’s Day
4/4/21 Easter
5/5/21 Cinco De Mayo
5/31/21 Memorial Day
7/4/21 Independence Day

Collier County Public Schools In 2020

Now, let us discuss the holidays’ calendars and what are their uses exactly. So holiday calendars are basically on which you will get to know the Public Holidays for a particular year. Firstly the people in the country will need them because as a citizen, you should know about the holidays and observances of your own country.

After that, it is the school students who need these calendars because children are the most excited when there are any holidays and in this meantime, they can also take part in these festivals and know their culture better. They there are the tourists who came there to visit the country. As a visitor, you should always know about the holidays and observances of the country.

Collier County Schools

Below are some of the best 5 Collier schools. The CCPS which is also known as School District of Collier County which serves approximately more than 47000 total students enrolled in 29 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, 8 high schools.

Collier County Schools


The Collier County Public Schools which is also designated as the District School Board of Collier County is a school district in Collier County, Florida. The district has schools in almost four cities throughout the county. The School District of Collier County includes 50 schools overall/

  1. Sea Gate Elementary School
  2. Pelican Marsh Elementary School
  3. Veterans Memorial Elementary School
  4. Tommie Barfield Elementary School
  5. Osceola Elementary School

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