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An Australia Public Holidays which is the period of recreation and leisure is basically a very important event which is the part of almost every country. The day of holidays brings us a break from our regular working life which can be well devoted to the activities of fun and leisure.

There are plenty of holidays which may occur within a year and each holiday has its own relevance.

Australia 2020 Holiday Calendar

For example, we all get the weekly off as Sunday which is also known as the weekend’s and this is a recurring nature of the holiday which comes every week. Sunday brings us the off from our respective workplace, however, it is not devoted to some special kind of holidays yet it is a well known commercial holiday. 

Other than the weekend’s holidays such as Sunday there are many holidays which occur in a particular year. These holidays may be either in the form of events or festivals and hold a special place in the culture or the constitution of the concerned country.

Australia Public Holidays 2020

The public holidays in Australia are the ones which aren’t the local holidays but are the holidays acknowledged by the law or the constitution of such a country. The public holidays have been given the status of the public holidays since they concern mankind or the general public of Australia. 

Australia Public Holidays 2020


Public holidays in Australia are the ones which either represent any historical event of the country or the ones, which represent the cultural history of the country. For instance, Australia Day is the public holiday of Australia which has been recognized as the foundation day of the country since this is the day when the foundation of Australia was put.

This day recalls the important event from the history of Australia and due to that reason, it is known as the public holidays. In a similar manner, you can find the many other public holidays of the country in the form of festivals, which represent the cultural characteristics of Australia.

Australia 2020 Public Holiday Calendar

The public holidays are always special in the economy of any country since these days hold the special reasoning behind them. Moreover, the public holidays influence the overall economy of Australia as all the major public and the government domain working remain off during all the public holidays. 

Public holidays are also known as the National holiday of Australia since these holidays are celebrated by the whole nation of Australia together. There are several kinds of celebration, which are held on the occasion of the public holidays as per the concerned public holidays. 

Here below we are going to provide you with the complete list of the public holidays of Australia for the year 2020 so that you can have the full information about them from our article and make the most of it.

Public Holidays in Australia

Public Holidays in Melbourne


Date of Public Holiday Name of Public Holiday
January 1New Year’s Day
January 27Australia Day
February 14Valentine’s Day
March 2Labour Day
March 9Eight Hours Day
April 10Good Friday
April 12Easter Sunday
April 13Easter Monday
April 25Anzac Day
May 4Labour Day
May 10Mother’s Day
June 1Western Australia Day
June 8Queen’s Birthday
August 3Picnic Day
September 6Father’s Day
October 5Australian Capital’s Labour Day
October 31Halloween
November 3Melbourne Cup Day
December 24Christmas Eve
December 25Christmas Day
December 28Boxing Day
December 31New Year’s Eve

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