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Employee Attendance Tracker | Attendance Sheet 2023

Employee Attendance Tracker or Attendance Sheet 2023: It is also important to learn how to troubleshoot, fix problems, and trace errors while working with Excel. Today in this section we are going to discuss the formulas we can use within the attendance template maintained in Excel. Managing the attendance of employees is one of the most important parts of the Department of Human Resources, this procedure is required for the calculation of leave, balances, salary process, and much more.

In Excel formulas are the most important and the best method of doing different things. If you are a regular user of Excel then you must work on using these formulas for working with dates and time, manipulating text, index, and match, lookup values with VLOOKUP, criteria of count and sum, creating dynamic ranges, etc.

Attendance Sheet For Employees Excel 2023

If you are running any small organization and do not have many employees then in this condition it will be best to maintain the attendance in an Excel template, sometimes attendance management is also accounted as the tracker sheet as it can keep the entire record for present and absent days. If you use this attendance template in Excel with formula then it will be proved a great help for you in managing the leave and attendance of your employees with full visualization.

Attendance Sheet For Employees Excel 2019


You can also use this sheet to monitor the leave and attendance for a month of your employees. After every month you can easily create a new attendance form in which you can keep the record. What you all have to do is every time you just need to update the year and month in your sheet and keep the rest of things the same as before.

Attendance Tracker Templates Excel 2023

Tracker Templates Excel 2019


If yoneedof adding more employees then you can simply copy and paste the formula into the template. As within the policies of left by companies each company provides different kinds of leave like casual leave, sick leave, earned leave, etc so you can also change the name of left as per the requirement and the policies of your company. You can also keep a record of balanced leaves in this sheet for each employee when you will update the sheet it will automatically calculate the closing balance of leaves.

Contents of Employee Attendance Sheet Template

Printable Employee Attendance Calendar Excel 2023

Printable Employee Attendance Calendar Excel 2019


Today in this article you are going to receive the employee attendance template template this attendance tracker Excel is having four parts into it, header section, employee details section, attendance record section, and summary section. Let us come to know about them in detail.

  1. Header Section

This is the first and most important part of the attendance template which includes the name of the company, the heading of the sheet-like attendance template, and information about the respective month for which the attendance is going to be marked. So, all these details are enclosed within the header section.

  1. Employee Details Section

This is the second part of an attendance template which includes the details of employees. In it, you can easily mention all professional details like the name of an employee, designation, employee id and, and the department in which he works. All these details are provided in this second section.

  1. Attendance Record Section

This is the third section of an attendance template, it is the most crucial section which contains the month heading along with the days and dates of the entire month. When you provide the date in the date section you just only have to enter the first date, the rest of the dates will be filled automatically as per the formula. You can apply the formula =F3+1 or any other, and for the part of days, they are needed to be filled manually. To create a list of present and absent employees you will get a drop-down list along with the validation. In the drop-down list, you can most probablfindnd the following symbols:

  • P = Present
  • A = Absent
  • OT = OverTime
  • L = Late
  • SL = Sick Leave
  • EL = Earned Leave
  • PL = Paid Leave
  • CL = Casual Leave
  • ML = Maternity Leave
  • NH = National Holiday
  • FH = Festive Holiday
  • H = Other Holidays
  • TR = Training

After mentioning the present or absent you can simply find out the total of employees who are present each day by using the following formula

=COUNTIF(F4: F53, “P”)

  1. Summary Section

Printable Tracker Templates Excel 2023

Printable Tracker Templates Excel 2019


It is the last section of your attendance template which will contain the detail of the f individual total for each employee under the following headings:


  • Absent
  • Late
  • Over time
  • Sick leave
  • Maternity leave
  • Paid leave
  • Earned leave
  • Casual leave
  • Festive holiday
  • National holiday
  • Another holiday
  • Training

So, this was an entire layout of the employee vacation tracker excels in the attendance template. By using this method it becomes very easy to keep the record of each employee in the database without using much effort. It will also help you in getting all your results without much effort by simply entering the formulas.

How To Create a Basic Attendance Sheet In Excel

How To Create a Basic Attendance Sheet In Excel


In school life, we have seen our teachers keep a record of all students in their attendance templates. As students were less so it was easy to keep the record of every student manually in a register. If you are working in any organization or company you know that it is very important to mark attendance as on this basis the employees get their payment or salary. Due to a large number of people, it is almost difficult to keep a manual record therefore to overcome this situation we are having a perfect solution of keeping the record in the attendance sheet in Excel.

attendance sheet


Now, the question is here how?  Most people do not know how to create an attendance template in Excel if you are also one of them then worry not there are many more people like you. Although you can also use the templates of attendance in Excel which are provided in this article but still if you wanted to learn about being more accurate and precise then it will be best to create an attendance template on your own. This will improve your knowledge and will help you in gaining more systematic variations. So, the steps for creating an Excel sheet are as follows:

  1. Fill in the Basic Labels

Before starting working let us clarify that it is just a basic attendance template and is nowhere related to the professional one, here we are going to provide an attendance template for students. So first of all open, the Excel on your computer, and in the first column type Attendance, and the same row go with the Names. For this let us go with ‘student 1’ in the slot of a name. After typing student 1 select the box and click on ctrl+enter and then drag the pointer downwards from the bottom right corner of the box, it will automatically fill up the names for other students too.

  1. Add and Format Dates

Now, we are going to include dates, format them, and remove the weekends. So at first enter r date like 28/3/2022, after typing simply right-click and select the option of “Format cells”. A dialogue box will appear from which you can simply select the option of Number and then from the list choose for last option of Custom. By this, we will add a day of the week in this date format so this will become more precise and it will be shown up like “Thurs 28/3/19”. So for getting this format enter ddd m/d/y as shown in the below image. You are completely free to go with any other format as here mmm stands for the month, and ddd will stand for the day.



So, after it to fill the days and dates simply select the first one and drag it in the direction as shown in the below image, the rest of the portion will get filled automatically. If you wanted to remove the option of Sunday then Excel is a perfect tool for this too.

Simply click on the tiny box that appears at the corner of the selected area and then from the opened list you can choose the option of “Fill weekdays”, it will remove all dates which come on Sunday.

  1. Add a Column For Total

As it is important to keep the total attendance so in this step we are going to add a separate column for the total. You can keep the column of total anywhere as per your desire and comfortability. Now, for it just simply select the entire area in the sheet you should also leave some empty slots for the new students. Next, go to the option of a grid, and from there select “All borders”. You can also add color to it for highlighting or making it unique from other rows and columns. Next, we are going to add a formula to your attendance template that will help you in total. So in the first slot enter =SUM (click at the box of the first date and then scroll till the end of the row and enter). After it drags the same box from the bottom right to the last entry of slots.

  1. Remove Zeros For Non-Existent Students

If you wanted to remove the zero value for the slots that are blank or not assigned to any student then in such a situation you have to add an IF statement to the function of SUM. For this you have to click on the first box of total and then enter IF ( click on the box another f student) and then continue with the following formula IF(A3” This will indicate that for the box which is empty something will happen, it will do not show zero instead you will be going to the e total value. So this formula will be completed by the addition of another f SUM function it will end like the following :


  1. Create e Printable area for Final Tally

When you feel the need of printing this simple tally for every student you need to select both of the columns after it simply goes to the option of Page Layout and then select the option “Print Area” and then choose “Set Print Area”.

So, by following the above steps your attendance template is complete, you can see that it is not very difficult to create an attendance template in Excel you just have to follow w few simple steps and everything is set,

Employee Attendance Tracker

Employee Attendance Tracker


In the market, there are various online employee attendance trackers which can keep a record of all employees in them. This software is specifically designed per your requirements. We are here also providing you the online employee attendance tracker by which you will be able to keep track of the attendance sheet. This will help you in the following ways:

  1. Synchronize with your attendance device
  2. Register attendance
  3. Regularize data
  4. Retrieve tailor-made reports

Apart from this, you can also use the attendance tracking templates, there are various templates available online that lower your work and help you in reaching your goal as earliest you can. These tracking templates are being used for keeping the record of attendance for individuals whether they are students or employees it is necessary to maintain a safe and secured file these templates do the same job for you. It is very easy to handle and simple to use these templates because they help you in analyzing attendance and lower your efforts. We are here also providing the same for you.


Whether we are studying or working in all conditions attendance is counted as a very important part of our schedule. If you are an employee then every attendance matters a lot as a single error can create changes in your salary. So it becomes very important for HR to manage attendance securely and safely so that no one can edit it.

There is no best place of making attendance in an Excel sheet it will help you in keeping a secure and safe record with you. We hope that you are also looking forward to different attendance template formulas for Excel as creating a file in Excel requires formulas and here we are providing every important formula to you.

attendance sheet


Similarly, we are also providing attendance template templates in Excel which can be downloaded easily and can be used without needing any editing. This will reduce your work and everything will become easy so it is also the best option to use templates. Apart from this, you can also keep a record track of all the attendance by simply opting for the online or offline employee attendance tracker.

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